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This dark, literary, psychological thriller recasts Euripides' timeless classic Medea in NYC's fast-paced TECH start-up culture. The book will be published by St. Martin's Press, the first of a two-book deal.


Maddie is the estranged daughter of a rich, Kentucky businessman, working a ho-hum life in a local café. She meets Jason, an ambitious Comp Sci PhD graduate student from Ireland, with a red-hot start-up idea he's sure will make them both millions. After Maddie's father dies, Maddie puts her own dreams aside, and plows the millions of her inheritance into Jason's fledgling business.

When the pair moves to NYC, the disaster begins almost immediately. The business flounders. The inheritance money begins to vanish. Worse, Maddie suspects Jason might be keeping secrets from her, maybe hiding an affair.

Maddie, meanwhile, has secrets of her own. Her dark past, unknown to Jason, includes brief outbursts of anger, when Maddie has struck back in terrifying manner at those who've crossed her. She has struggled for years to avoid such outbursts again, and to keep them under wraps.

After three years and two children in New York, at a Christmas Party, Maddie finds out the truth about Jason's lies. When she confronts him, he presents her with a draconian divorce, thinking he will soon ride off into the sunset, leaving Maddie in the lurch. Maddie, facing the collapse of her family, her finances and the most searing of marital betrayals, sets a terrifying plan into motion.

A terse tale, set in the booming, high-intensity tech space, MADDIE takes on betrayal and payback as few other books do. Set mostly over the course of a single day,  MADDIE breathes fresh life—and a twist ending—into the haunting myth of Medea.