I'm a novelist based in Boston and a collector of fine yarns. 

Whether it's a joke, a ghost story, a tall tale, an historical anecdote, a parable, a fable, a TED Talk or a novel; whether it was written two thousand years ago or yesterday, whether it's printed on paper or glowing on my phone; whether you're an old friend or someone standing in front of me in a security line at the airport—if you've got a story to tell, I'm here for the duration. 

Incidentally, I also like telling such stories myself, and recently sold a pair of psychological thrillers to the venerable St. Martin's Press. 

As for my previous career, I spent 10 years as a reporter and editor, mostly for global agency Reuters in New York, San Francisco and Boston. My most recent role was as General Manager of a 50-person boutique financial media firm in Manhattan, called Buyouts Insider. 

I occasionally write for the Web's #1 literary Web site, The Millions, as well as for Grub Daily, Web site of Boston writing community Grub Street, one of the largest creative writing centers in the United States. You can see a few examples of my articles herehere and here.

I attended Brown University and University College London, and I'm originally from the heart of the commonwealth, Worcester, Mass. I also have a number of wise cracking, tiny children (one of them featured below) and a dope wife. 


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