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I'm a storyteller who believes that the greatest stories in Western culture can be brought to life with passion and relevance. It's not about historical fiction. It's not about a gimmicky redo. It's about taking the most powerful, dynamic, tragic, soaring tales in our collective past and letting them breathe again. It's exciting as f&ck.

I've spent ten years as a reporter and editor for global agency Reuters News in New York, San Francisco and Boston. I have also written for The Millions, as well as Grub Daily, Web site of Boston writing community Grub Street, one of the largest creative writing centers in the country. You can see a few examples of my writing herehere and here.  I went to Brown University and University College London.

For my day job, I produce innovative events for the venture capital and private equity space. I also have a number of wise cracking, tiny children (one of them featured above) and a dope wife.