reasons i do what i do.


  1. Because I like to gawk.
  2. Because I wanted you to gawk with me.
  3. Because I just got back from the wilderness and I want to tell you about it.
  4. Because my brains got real juicy.
  5. Because isn't this just a fascinating little object?
  6. Because if it's not enough for me to commit to it fully, why would you commit to it fully? But I am committed to it fully. Trust me. It's worth it.
  7. Because the difference between being communicative and expressive, is the difference between being funny and silly. With the first, the audience matters. With the second, it doesn't. Let's go with communicative.
  8. Because we've come this far just to begin.
  9. Because if you have a firefly in your hands you can hide it, but if you have a torch in your hands you have to hold it over your head.
  10. Because you have to do something with what's wild in you. This is what I do with it.
  11. Because I don't fight, I compete.
  12. Because it's better to lose a game you love than win a game you hate.
  13. Because only when you know nothing can save you, not your apprenticeship, not your mentors, not your sense of good taste, not your ego, will you start really telling the truth.
  14. Because I like it when I read something that makes me shut the cover of the book and say, "Son of a bitch!"
  15. Because out of the way, I need to tell my people. 
  16. Because I wanted to turn myself inside out.
  17. Because realism leaves out such a huge part of reality, namely, what is unreal.
  18. Because I wanted to get on this story and ride.
  19. Because the dream had better be strong—most of the time, it's all you got.
  20. Because art is the oldest man-made narcotic.
  21. Because my brain is like a pink and green glowing neon sign, flashing by the highway, and if you don't like it just keep driving. If you do like it, take this exit.
  22. Because the story doesn't need to be filled with metaphors. The story is the metaphor.
  23. Because the right word can drop straight to the bottom of the soul, like a stone down to the bottom of a lake. And it stays there too.
  24. Because you don’t need a fifty million dollar budget.
  25. Because after I lost all my hope, this was the only life left to lead.
  26. Because if the tale is deep enough, it turns into philosophy. It turns into religion. It turns into pure feeling. It turns into authentic experience
  27. Because I didn't hear these notes being played.  
  28. Because my real ambition all along is to be the guy of whom it is said, "Damn, that dude figured it out."
  29. Because, as they say, it's not about the money or the fame. It's about that moment when you get to look at your creation in awe and fear and say with Doctor Frankenstein, "It's alive!"
  30. Because every story is a fossil, fractured and buried below the surface of our mind. The process is bringing it up, piece by piece, and reassembling it.
  31. Because out there, somewhere, is the combination of words that will unchain us.
  32. Because a lot of spinning a good yarn is straight up problem solving, and when it clicks, you feel it hit that pleasure spot, way back in there.
  33. Because in the gift economy, this is my gift.
  34. Because sometimes it's a stampede of horses charging out of your heart.
  35. Because I stood at the bottom of the mountain, and when no one was watching, I swore to myself, I'm going to climb this thing even if it takes a lifetime. Even if it kills me.
  36. Because the Spirit is rushing low today. I'm ready, if it wants to pass through.
  37. Because thinking through someone else's problems is oddly satisfying.
  38. Because we're staggering along here, saying it's all good, but come on, we're all holding that wolf inside our coats, gnawing on our hearts.
  39. Because I'll know my song well before I start singing.  
  40. Because I’m long-term greedy.
  41. Because please don't knock the hustle.
  42. Because there really is no magic. There is just the ten thousand days of putting one foot in front of the other. 
  43. Because literature doesn't just illuminate reality, it actively shapes it.
  44. Because my brain is a dog that needs a bone to chew, and I had to give it something.
  45. Because I am no longer here when I’m doing it, and you aren't there.
  46. Because they chased me out of the forest the first time, but this time I know what I'm hunting , I've got my spear, and I'm heading back in.
  47. Because irony is played out.  
  48. Because the mind is like a coral reef. Mine. Yours. Theirs. Everyone's. Just watch. See what comes along.
  49. Because at this point I can't remember if I made this up myself,  or just heard it from someone else, but what I do know is you need to hear about it right now.
  50. Because yes, we are going all the way.
  51. Because these books should have a warning sign on them, YES WE ARE GOING ALL THE WAY. 
  52. Because when I fire up my soul to speak, it sounds like a fucking chainsaw.  
  53. Because, in the words of Greg Louganis's diving coach, "Go for it. Get killed. Get up. Go for it again. Get killed again. Get up again."
  54. Because I needed to trade my world-self for my dream-self.
  55. Because before I could make the kind of art I needed to make, I had to become the kind of man I needed to become.
  56. Because I'm trying to build this castle, and if I can't build it, I will write down what I learned, and that will be my castle.
  57. Because bad art drains life. Good art grants it.
  58. Because I wanted to cast a spell.
  59. Because literature has to do more than just captivate...all play and no work would also make Jack a dull boy.
  60. Because in regard to my teachers, in the beginning the scaffolding kept the tree steady. Later it stunted the growth.
  61. Because I'm going slowly so what I build won't fall.
  62. Because in a good play, everyone is right.
  63. Because this time it actually wasn't some world-shattering idea. It wasn't part of a grandiose mission.  Wasn't one for the history books. It was just: I think this story is so good, you've got to check it out.
  64. Because it's about the art in me, not me in the art.
  65. Because I would have got off this train a long time ago if I could, but now that it's going down hill only thing to do is drive this mother.  
  66. Because when the well is gushing, I can't make it stop, I can only gather the oil. 
  67. Because even here, amid what is manufactured, processed, corporatized, color-dyed, electrified and digitized, amid the plastic, the silicon and the rubber, we still stand upon the ancient, mythic planes, mysterious, dignified creatures, worthy of our exploration.  
  68. Because I paid my dues.
  69. Because I don't have a cafe voice, I have a stadium voice. 
  70. Because I finally realized what the problem was—the volume wasn’t up loud enough.
  71. Because I am a fisherman, and I have seen, on these lonely mornings, the solitary and mythic fish. One day, my friends, I will reel it in.
  72. Because when it comes down to it, this.
  73. Because I didn’t know that muscle in my heart could get sore.  
  74. Because I was weeping and I wanted someone to sit on the curb with.
  75. Because I got so excited about this that if I was actually talking with you I'd be slurping and out of breath. 
  76. Because all I tried to do every day was wake up and be a midwife to my soul.
  77. Because conscious motives are exhaustible and unconscious ones aren't.
  78. Because if I could actually articulate my reason for doing it, the reason probably wouldn't be deep enough.
  79. Because it’s just me and you, my friend, up late talking.
  80. Because, for a little while, a good story chases off the pain.