reasons we are gonna do this together.

  1. Because while you are reading, you and I have formed a conspiracy to be captivated.

  2. Because the aim is for us to absolutely have the most ecstatic time possible you can have in silence with your thoughts. For the record, this happens to be very ecstatic.

  3. Because there is something books do that no other medium can. Words on the page impact differently than stories on a screen. Books can get to those spots, way back in there. You and I, we know this. And we like it.

  4. Because we are going to find the most interesting people we can, with iron wills, dead set on what they want, but with absolutely no way to get it. And we are just going to gawk at what happens next.

  5. Because isn't this just a bewitching little topic?

  6. Because we are both willing to let the spell be cast upon us. None of this works if we’re not willing to be enchanted.

  7. Because really story is just an entry point to what we really want to talk about…psychology, meaning, relationships, Why We Are Here…the real guts of the thing.

  8. Because we both are after the same thing. A companion on the journey. To be in good, trustworthy hands. To be entertained, but more than that too. But also that. But also more.

  9. Because we crave secret knowledge, urgently communicated, about our species.

  10. Because I’m just fascinated with this damned story, and these unfortunate people. And I want you to be fascinated too, right alongside me.

  11. Because I like it when I read something that makes me shut the cover of the book and say, in astonishment, "Son of a bitch!"

  12. Because a great story turns you inside out. You need that sometimes, to be inside out. It’s therapeutic.

  13. Because sometimes the best thing to do is just forget everything, get on a story, and ride. Forgetting everything is a big win. Arguably, the object of the game.

  14. Because thinking through someone else's problems is oddly satisfying. And trust me, the people in these stories got problems.

  15. Because, oh my god dude, we’re going all the way.

  16. Because it’s just me and you, my friend, up late talking.

  17. Because deep down, way back in there, you and I both have a hunch we might one day come across the words that will change our lives.

  18. Because, come on. You know it. I know it. They know it. Ain’t nothing better than a white-hot, blitzing, all consuming, can’t-put-it-down, knockout, blockbuster, good tale well told. Let’s do this.