reasons i do what i do.


  1. Because I like things that are gripping. To be well-gripped is to be well-entertained.
  2. Because I like it when I read something that makes me shut the cover of the book and say, "Son of a bitch!"
  3. Because sometimes you just need to get on a story and ride.
  4. Because isn't this just a fascinating little object?
  5. Because art is the oldest man-made narcotic.
  6. Because every good story is a fossil, fractured and buried below the surface of our mind. Our job as storytellers is bringing it up, piece by piece, and reassembling it.
  7. Because a lot of spinning a good yarn is straight up problem solving, and when it finally clicks together, you feel it hit that pleasure spot, way back in there.
  8. Because thinking through someone else's problems is oddly satisfying.
  9. Because a brain is a dog that needs something to chew on. A good story is like a good bone.
  10. Because I am no longer here when I’m doing it, and you aren't there. We’re both just in it.
  11. Because just like in a good play, in a good novel, everyone is right.
  12. Because I got so excited about my story, that if I was actually talking with you I'd be almost out of breath. 
  13. Because it’s just me and you, my friend, up late talking.
  14. Because, for a little while, a good story plays a cool little trick: it makes the world disappear.